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IAS Designs
"We create innovative graphic designs and logos, guaranteed."

Value Price Graphic Design - Guaranteed
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Why is our service unique?

We offer true customer service and customer satisfaction. In today's world outsourcing to other countries or conversing with an automated voice on the phone, is common place. We are small and "Old School" with over 40 years of business experience. We do our very best to satisfy our clients.

The price for your custom design or logo is only $19.95 and

You will get:
1. Three rough proofs of your logo or graphic design.
2. Four rounds of revisions
3. Once you are satisfied, the finished design will be provided in the proper file formats.
4. The final formats will be delivered electronically.
5. The client has full copyright and reproduction rights to the final design.

Order today to receive the logo or design you always wanted.

Design Request - Include Email
Place Short Message

Submit your design order or any questions to  GEM@iasdesigns.com

If you are not reasonably satisfied we offer a money back guarantee.

Note: Without need for compensation to the copyright holder, InActSys, Inc. retains the right to display the final design in a portfolio which may be exhibited online.

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